Game on – queer disruptions in sport (documentary, 63 min.)

Logline: Gay runners, a lesbian boxer, an intersexual rower. and a transwoman footballer, all on one team! Can you imagine them?   • Awards: Luleå International Film Festival – Best LGBT film (2021), Divine Queer Film Festival – Balon Mundial (2022), Toronto International Women Film Festival –  Best LGBTQ film (2022)   READ MORE >>>

Hot Men Cold Dictatorships (documentary, 97 min.)

Logline: Four young gay guys investigate how Hungarian society and the state have been treating gays and how gays’ personal experiences of social and political oppression have changed since Communism until today.   • Awards: Audience Award, Serile Filmului Gay, Cluj-Napoca, Romania (2016); Golden Awards, World Documentary Awards, Jakarta, Indonesia (2016)   READ MORE >>>

Secret Years (documentary, 90min.)

Logline: 11 Hungarian lesbians’ lives over the Iron Curtain   Nominated for the Co-Production Prize for Young German and Eastern European filmmakers, Robert Bosch Stiftung in 2009 in the category Documentary for the German-Hungarian project   • Awards: 7th Verzio International Human Rights Film Festival, Budapest Special Award 2010, ERSTE Social Integration Award 2011   READ MORE >>>